The Best Candidates Are the Ones Who Aren't Looking

Leverage a network of the most connected people in digital to refer your next great hire.

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Hunt Club candidates are in a league of their own.

Picture this: Fifteen CMOs refer candidates for your next VP of Marketing. Isn't that better than an external recruiter?

Now imagine this scenario over and over and over again. Because that's how our referrals come packaged — from respected and experienced industry leaders who know exactly what you are looking for, because they've been in your shoes.

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What happens when you combine the power of people, connections, and jobs with technology? We get you the people you want. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Using Hunt Club's technology-enabled recruiting platform, we are efficient, creative, and innovative when finding great candidates for your company.

"I've worked with countless talent firms, and Hunt Club has delivered leaps and bounds better than the others. They have worked on over 40 positions for me over the last few years, and have helped to make hiring A players a seamless process. Highly recommend."
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James Commons
Vice President at Verizon, AOL
40% Less Than Retained

Recruiting Isn't Broken
But Retained Search and Contingency Are

Hunt Club's Shared-Risk Model leverages retained search – we receive a percentage up front - but the majority is paid on performance. So, we have to deliver to get paid.

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