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Case Study: ShipBob Director of Marketing

ShipBob, a venture-backed company providing Amazon-level logistics to small e-commerce businesses, was looking for a Director of Marketing to help build out their marketing strategies and teams. Partnering with Hunt Club, ShipBob was able to find an incredible hire and advance their marketing efforts. Read more about how ShipBob and Hunt Club worked together to find a great marketing leader.

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Recruiting Anyone Through Referrals: The Hunt Club Way

If you’ve heard a recruiter tell you they can recruit anyone, you’d probably laugh. But, at Hunt Club, we really can recruit anyone. Seriously. We know it’s a bold statement to make, but it’s true. And, we do it through referrals. By leveraging our Hunt Club Network we can reach people on a larger and more personal scale than most other firms out there.

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The Hunt for Passive Talent

The best talent often times isn’t looking. It’s that simple. The top leaders and players are already operating within companies that, if they’re smart, are trying to hang onto their talent. This talent is hard to tap into, as these individuals are often driven on their current tasks with competitive compensation. Hunt Club understands that these are the candidates that our clients need most, and we combine our referral network and white glove experience to unlock and land this talent.

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Lessons in Recruiting from the Unlikeliest of Places: The Movies

Hollywood seems to kind of have a thing for recruiting. Sure there’s the romantic comedy, drama, action, adventure, and horror flicks, but if you take away that outer layer of genre, hidden beneath the surface sits the topic of recruiting. From the chick flick Mean Girls, where Regina and her posse seek out Cady to be a part of their exclusive group to the drama Braveheartwhere William Wallace builds and leads a group of Scots to war against King Edward the I of England, these movies — while wholly different — have the same underlying theme: attracting and retaining individuals to be a part of a community or group.

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